Special Features

  • Crazy Horse Memorial, started over 50 years ago and still incomplete
  • Mount Rushmore, the largest statue-monument in the world
  • Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872 as the first national park in the United States
  • Discover dramatic Grand Teton National Park with its jagged peaks, glaciers, lakes and dense forests
  • Jackson Hole, discover the Old West in this pioneer town

Is This Trip Right for You?

This moderately active program covers a fair amount of ground each day. Expect from three to four hours walking on some touring days. There is one lengthy bus ride from Rapid City to Billings. The pace is moderate, however you will encounter some uneven surfaces, steps and slopes. The altitude in the National Parks varies and may be a consideration for those who have heart conditions or are otherwise affected by height. Gray Wolf Inn in West Yellowstone (Montana) is just two blocks outside the entrance of Yellowstone National Park. An affordable way to visit extraordinary sites, choose from a menu of options to enhance your stay.

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