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JetBlue Airways


Within a span of a decade and a half, JetBlue has grown to become America’s 5th largest passenger carrier. The airline is known for its great product, comfortable seating and economy fares. The airlines have codeshare agreements with  21 airlines and including member airline clubs like OneWorld, SkyTeam, Star Alliance.


Jet Blue is committed to giving a close to 1st class experience on slashed price and has a special focus on the high-value market. Its Mint Class is considered being one of the most premium offerings in the sky.


Despite the fact that other airlines have experienced a sharp decline in the Passenger revenue per available seat (PRASM ), JetBlue’s stocks have more than doubled.


Its success is linked closely to exploring newer markets and investing in fuel-efficient aircrafts. Cost control measures and the low-cost advantage have made the airline stand out over its peers.



Destinations Covered By JetBlue



Headquartered in the Long Island City neighboring New York City, the airline has its main base at John F. Kennedy International Airport.


 The airline operates over 1,000 daily flights and serves around 102 domestic and international destinations and covers the following:


  • Mexico
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Central America
  • South America



Facilities  of JetBlue Airways


JetBlue Mint Class


It includes free TSA PreCheck security where you don’t have to take out your laptop out or remove the light jacket. Be the first one to arrive on the plane with priority boarding and avail preferred baggage claim on landing.


Sweet Seats & Curated comforts


JetBlue features full 2 rows of closed-door suites for the premium class. Snuggle yourself in your own space with sliding doors and kick back and relax on the large 6’8’’ seats with special massage features. 



Free Fly-Fi & Nonstop Entertainment


Get access to free Wi-fi from gate to gate; courtesy Amazon. Access a large library of On-demand movies, music, TV shows, prime videos on a 15” personal touchscreen. Plus 100+ channels of comedy, talk-back, sports and entertainment on XM Radio accessed a handcrafted headphone.


Dine in Style


Enjoy seasonal menu created by renowned NYC Saxon and Parole restaurant.


  • JetBlue also caters to special dietary request for a vegan meal, special low-calorie meals, gluten-free meal or a simpler plane eats menu.
  • Enjoy select wine from America’s best winemakers; curated by award-winning columnist and sommelier.





Passengers can carry home a complimentary Hayward & Hopper amenity kit having in-flight toiletries packed in an adventure bag with a touch of old Hollywood charm.



Why is JetBlue Airline Better Than The Rest? 


  • The airline is particularly known for its cheap economy tickets and bare bone fares. JetBlue stands no. 3 on the List of budget airlines in the US.
  • It is also awarded as the Best Budget Airlines dedicated to Flying Business class 2018
  • JetBlue's Mint Class is considered to be one of the most premium offerings in the sky which includes lie-flat seats, private suites with sliding doors, premium snacks and Birchbox amenity kits.
  • JetBlue TrueBlue rewards and loyalty program help members
  • JetBlue tops the Customer Experience ratings 2nd year in the row in 2018



Free and excessive luggage charges on JetBlue


JetBlue has one of the most clear-cut, generous baggage policies and average fees for excessive luggage.


  • 1 personal item: FREE
  • 1 standard carry-on bag: FREE


Size Restrictions


  • Personal: 17″ x 13″ x 8″
  • Standard: 22″ x 14″ x 9″


Additional Baggage


  • 1st bag $25
  • 2nd bag $35
  • 3rd bag $100



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